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"We've seen a significant increase in our website traffic and enquiries by over 300%, with an obvious uptake in new patient enquiries and conversions coming through the clinic. We've seen a complete turnaround in our online presence in a number of spaces that we are advertising in."

Ms Christy Xuan – Owner of Lumiere Beauty Clinic

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Lumière Beauty Clinic, Sydney’s premiere medical-grade cosmetic surgical clinic that puts a significant focus on minimally invasive procedures, founded by Ms Christy Xuan in 2017.

Due to the fact that Lumiere Beauty Clinic is a fairly young brand, they haven’t got a solid online foothold in the same way that more established cosmetic and beauty clinics in Sydney have.

Despite being excellent in what they do, their online presence was fairly weak with low website visibility. There were not many patient reviews and the website content was thin without in-depth content, videos, previous patient case studies and before and after images.

Another goal that Lumiere Beauty Clinic wants to achieve is to generate more enquiries from Caucasian market as they were getting enquiries mainly to Chinese speaking communities.

The website traffic was low and the Google ads campaign was not strong enough to generate any substantial number of leads.

They worked with several branding and marketing agencies before without much success.

In early 2020, Ms Christy Xuan decided to search for a professional digital marketing consultant who has experience specifically with medical industry and track record in cosmetic sector, they found Online Marketing For Doctors (OMD) team through our Master Class educational campaign for cosmetic clinics and after a thorough interview and background check, OMD team were commissioned to work on Lumiere Beauty Clinic’s website. Finally, they found the breakthrough with OMD.

The clinic is now growing really well with over 1000 patients and experienced the growth rate of over 100%.

The Results

Results after an initial 6 month campaign;

  • A 438% increase in total monthly web traffic to Lumiere Beauty Clinic’s website
  • A 178 % increase in organic traffic
  • A 2,657% increase in social traffic
  • A 1,219 % increase in Google ads traffic
  • A 100% increase in leads
traffic growth over 5 months for lumiere beauty clinic - 23102020

Figure 1: Traffic and conversion performance compared to the previous period

Technique 1
Clarify 3 Foundational Marketing Questions For Lumiere Beauty Clinic

This is a critical session that allowed us to give Lumiere Beauty Clinic a clear direction for their online marketing activities, resources and to establish a clear pathway to reach their business goals.

We sat down with Ms Christy Xuan, and gained some fundamental information about the practice: target patients, key services, their niches, differences, strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities from the market, and we used this information to devise a custom online marketing strategy for Lumiere Beauty Clinic.

There are 3 main foundational questions that we need to be able to answer to better accelerate Lumiere Beauty Clinic’s marketing efforts;

  • Question 1: Who is their dream patient?
  • Question 2: Where are they hanging out?
  • Question 3: What hooks can we use to get their attention and bring them into our client’s clinic?

When you have the perfect vision of who your dream patient or client is, it becomes easy to see where they can be found.

On the other hand, if you don’t have perfect clarity on who that person is, it’s really hard to find them.

Technique 2
Research on What Strong Competitors Do and How They Do Well

Our competitor research is designed to gain a clear understanding of who are our clients’ strongest competitors- what are their competitive advantages, value propositions and online marketing activities.  We specifically identify;

  • Where do these competitors advertise?
  • How is their advertising working?
  • Which are their biggest website traffic referral sources?
  • SEO Strategy: what keywords are they targeting, where do they build links, where do they promote their websites?

Gaining an insight into what competitors do and how competitors they do it gives our team and the client directions on how to surpass them.

Technique 3
Revamp the Website to Increase User Experience and Conversion Rate

One of the critical steps that other digital marketing agencies don’t do is to review and improve the website user experience and conversion rate. The website is the cornerstone of all digital marketing promotions, however, no matter how much good traffic is driven to the website, if it doesn’t convert well, all the effort ends up down the drain.

The changes include;

  • Strong, clear call to action button
  • Revamp the website look and feel to make it more organised, easy for users to navigate
  • Feature best-selling points of the procedure, provide patients more educational info such as videos, images, references to credible information sources.

The results show: the website now has reduced bounce rate, users are spending longer time on site, users’ more pages/visits and most importantly there is an increased conversion rate for Organic traffic: from 5.15 % to 6.24 % (21.28 %) and for Paid traffic:  from 1.69 % to 4.99% (196%) and Direct traffic: from 3.43% to 6.96% (102.77 %)

conversion rate and bounce rate improvement over time - 23102020

Figure 2: Notice that with the improvement of the website and the build of the landing pages for the Google Ads campaign, you can see a massive improvement in website bounce rate (reduced the bounce rate by 97.83% for Google paid traffic, 93.98% for organic traffic and 93.42% for Direct traffic).

Technique 4
Highlight Lumiere Beauty Clinic’s Value Proposition and Key Differences from Other Clinics

After conducting extensive research on the industry and Lumiere Beauty Clinic ’s biggest competitors, and also after interviewing Lumiere Beauty Clinic themselves, we were able to identify Lumiere Beauty Clinic ’s biggest strengths and value proposition, and the key points of difference compared to the competition.

We then highlighted these key selling points on the website home page and all subpages to ensure that their target prospects would be able to view them easily from wherever they landed on the website.

figure 3

Figure 3: Screenshot of the website before and after

Technique 5
Target Chinese Speaking Community With Dedicated Content and Landing Pages for Paid Search Campaign

We also created a Chinese version of the website and landing pages for the main services, attracting more Mandarin speaking patients through SEO and Google Ads campaign for Mandarin speaking market.

landing page

Figure 4: Chinese version of the website to attract Mandarin speaker prospects

Technique 6
Comprehensive Keyword Research For All Targeted Suburb, Services and Blog Content

We extensively researched appropriate keywords for all of the service pages on the website. We also conducted comprehensive long-tail keyword research to find out which search terms that were used to find information related to Lumiere Beauty Clinic ’s main services.

This comprehensive keyword research enabled us to devise a strategy to help Lumiere Beauty Clinic target all the important suburbs in Sydney.

We also looked at the paid traffic data to determine the search queries that drive more conversions for the website and prioritise these keywords.

The keyword research not only covers short-tail but also long-tail keywords for blog content development.

Technique 7
Build More Niche Service Pages

We gradually built more pages for Lumiere Beauty Clinic by adding highly specific niche service pages with unique content.

A website with 100 pages has greater traffic than a 10-page website, simply because it offers more topics that users could search for.

We applied this strategy on Lumiere Beauty Clinic ’s service pages by creating more pages to target any possible keyword themes that users would search for, including:


  • BodyTite Liposuction & Body Contouring
  • Upper and Lower Back Liposuction
  • Love Handles Liposuction
  • Thigh Liposuction
  • Leg Liposuction
  • Arm Liposuction
  • Chest Liposuction
  • Face Liposuction
  • Double Chin Liposuction
  • Liposuction For Men

Thread Lift

  • Lower Face Thread Lift
  • Jawline Thread Lift
  • Brow Thread Lift

Technique 8
Implement SEO On-site Best Practices

We implemented best practice for on-page optimisation adhering to Google and other search engine webmaster guidelines, including:

  • Rewriting benefits-driven copy that places users at the centre. Our goal is to create a website that users can quickly find the information they need more easily.
  • Ensuring Proper Indexation: Through the use of sitemaps, pagination, no-indexing tags and the reconciliation of all duplicate content, we were able to ensure the proper indexation of Lumiere Beauty Clinic ’s website.
  • Individually crafted, uniquely written Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, and Heading tags for all pages. By optimising the site’s title tags, meta description tags, heading tags and content to include targeted keywords, we were able to increase the Click Through Rate on the search result listing and targeted search traffic.
  • Improving the website's load times for proper SEO on both desktop and mobile devices. This is one of the key elements to increase the website ranking performance.
  • “No Follow” for unimportant links
  • External linking to highly authoritative website
  • Add image ALT tags to all images
  • Other technical SEO setups

Technique 9
Gain Local Reviews – Greatest SEO Weapon

As part of our local SEO works, we assisted Lumiere Beauty Clinic to reach out to their current and future patients asking  for real testimonials for the website and  to actively leave reviews on Lumiere Beauty Clinic’s Google My Business Listing account.

We understand that Businesses with large volumes of positive reviews started ranking higher than those with few or negative reviews.

This helps Lumiere Beauty Clinic to have;

  • Increased search rankings: the more positive reviews that you have, the higher you’re going to rank
  • Increased referral traffic: Lumiere Beauty Clinic is gaining referral traffic from not only Google My Business Listing but Facebook and other local and industry review sites as well.
  • Greater brand authority: When people read great reviews about Lumiere Beauty Clinic brand, they’ll be more likely to start with a great impression of Lumiere Beauty Clinic ’s practice, and more likely to spread the word to their friends and family.
  • Gained critical feedback opportunities: Sometimes doing business isn’t perfect. In both positive and negative reviews of Lumiere Beauty Clinic ’s operation, Lumiere Beauty Clinic finds critical pieces of feedback that they can learn from and use to make their practice even better.
figure 5

Figure 5: Lumiere Beauty Clinic has gained a good number of positive reviews on their Google My Business Listing

Technique 10
Build High Quality Links

Incoming links from other websites are a very important component of search engine optimisation. Poor quality links not only won't increase your traffic or ranking, but they can also damage your domain and potentially attract a penalty from Google, or other search engines, if the site linked to has violated any webmaster guidelines.

We take link building very seriously and we make sure that all the sites that we place links on are well screened before any placement.  Some of the link building we did include;

  • Outreach to relevant blogs to feature Lumiere Beauty Clinic ’s content and gain quality backlinks to the website.
  • Listing of the website on medical, health and local directories
  • Submission of videos, and relevant marketing material to submission sites
  • Press release campaign to gain positive media mentions for Lumiere Beauty Clinic
traffic growth over 5 months for lumiere beauty clinic - 23102020

Figure 6: Organic traffic growth over time (compared to the previous period)

Technique 11
Create Dedicated Landing Page For Google Ads Campaign

One of the main Paid Per Click advertising strategies is to build dedicated landing page without distractions and a single focused call to action. The landing page helps answer all possible questions that prospects might have. The landing page helps increase conversions by 107%.

Google Ads Campaign Performance With Increased Conversion and Lower Cost Per Conversion
Google Ads Result For Lumiere Beauty Clinic

Figure 7: The efforts revamping landing pages help increase the conversion rate by 107 % and the absolute number of conversions by 4,533%

landing page

Figure 8: Dedicated landing page for the main services

Technique 12
SKAG Google Ads Strategy and Cost Per Click Negotiation Process With Google

This is the strategy that not many agencies know of and we’ve applied successfully for many clients and helped clients reduce budget by up to 100% and double the conversions, to reduce the cost per acquisition significantly.

SKAG means Single Keyword Ad Group Strategy - we only use one keyword or very close version of that keyword in the ad group, for example “Liposuction Sydney” and “Liposuction In Sydney”.

This will ensure that the ad copy matches users’ search queries, hence increasing Click Through Rate.

Another strategy for bidding is we have a negotiation process with Google and always start with a lower than average range bid of a particular keyword’s cost per click and increase it up to the point that Google is willing to show the ads. This helps make sure that we don’t overpay Google and together with SKAG structure, we can control the CPC of the keyword very well and know the exact cost of a particular keyword.

Technique 13
Generate New Leads Through Facebook & Instagram Ads

Part of the digital comprehensive marketing strategy, we proposed Facebook and Instagram ads plan to generate awareness about new procedures and increase new enquiries from the campaigns.

We also use Facebook and Instagram ads to remarket to Lumiere Beauty Clinic’s website, email list and social media audience, this helps reengage prospects and increase the frequency of the brand presence and encounter in their prospects’ online activities.

Social Media Ads Results For Lumiere Beauty Clinic

Figure 9: Social media ads results per month with 38 enquiries, conversion rate of 16.31%

Figure 10: Facebook & Instagram Ads creatives for new minimally invasive fat reduction and body sculpting procedures Emsculpt and BodyTite

Ms Christy Xuan

“We’ve seen a significant increase in our website traffic and enquiries by over 300%, with an obvious uptake in new patient enquiries and conversions coming through the clinic. We’ve seen a complete turnaround in our online presence in a number of spaces that we are advertising in.”

Ms Christy Xuan
Owner of Lumiere Beauty Clinic

christy xuan signature

Huyen Truong With PCLS Coffs Harbour Marketing For Plastic Surgeons

“They put together a comprehensive strategy and plan to improve our digital marketing presence (SEO, PPC ads, Website Content and Landing Pages), and so far we can see obvious improved results from the work that they have done.”

Dr Chandran Arianayagam
Plastic Surgeon/Owner of PCLS Coffs Harbour

Dr Chandran Arianayagam

James Zagarella testimonial

“It’s now been 4 months and I am nothing but impressed with this team. They’ve delivered above their projections and continually over deliver on their promises. The team is quick to respond to any issues, their professionalism is second to none.”

James Zagarella
General Manager of Dr Hodgkinson Clinic

James Zagarella

james nadin testimonial

“Enquiries have gone crazy and the number of enquiries has increased three-fold ever since they started 6 months ago. The team and Huyen have been very responsive to support us along the way with our IT problems, they are very thorough and results-driven with their work. We would highly recommend them.”

James Nadin
CEO of ICCM & Crown Clinic

James Nadin

mark attalla testimonial

“We found that we are spending almost one fourth of our previous budget and getting double the conversion which is great deal to achieve in a short period of time.”

Dr. Mark Attalla
Cosmetic Surgeon / Owner of Chelsea Cosmetics

Mark Attalla

michael yunaev testimonial

“We’ve seen a significant increase in our website traffic by over 200%, we’ve gone from having 12 enquiries to anywhere from 50 to 100 enquiries in a month, while consistently filling our list times at the hospital.”

Dr Michael Yunaev
Cosmetic Surgeon, Specialist Breast (Oncoplastic)

Michael Yunaev

naveen somia testimonial

“Over the last 12 months we have increased the web traffic by over 100% and also increased the conversion by over 100%.”

Dr. Naveen Somia
MBBS, PhD, FRACS Plastic Surgeon

Naveen Somia

dr hodgkinson testimonial

“The number of requests for consultations is at least doubled from the last 5 months, which is very good sign. I’ve enjoyed working with both principles.”

Dr Darryl Hodgkinson
Plastic Surgeon / Owner of Double Bay Day Surgery

Daryl Hodgkinson


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