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#34 The Importance of Using Story to Set Your Practice Apart From Others

Jul 23rd, 2019

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Information Explored in this Podcast:

The following is just some of the information that we’ve covered in this podcast, in case you wanted to skip ahead and explore a specific topic.

  • The marketing tool that has stood the test of time [1:46]
  • The 5 keys benefits of storytelling [2:51]
  • Master the art of storytelling [6:00]
  • Actions speak louder than words [7:37]
  • Which types of stories provide the best motivation? [10:12]
  • The key component for your story [16:23]
  • The psychological benefit of storytelling [16:40]

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The Story of Johny Walker


We left the link to this great 6 min story video of Johny Walker in the shownote, please check it out, it is worth it.

One of the best-known taglines in the liquor industry is probably “Keep Walking” by Johnnie Walker. The story dates back to 1819 when John, the founder, was still a young boy working on a farm, and it starts “the year was 1819 and John Walker’s father had just died. A tough start for a humble farm lad, you might think, but there was always something special about John. A glint in his eye, a fire in his belly, a spring in his step perhaps“.

John had to sell the farm and started to work at a local grocery shop. He was passionate about whisky so he decided to blend his own and sell it at the shop. He always tried to produce the best quality whisky and it made him quite popular. He continued producing and selling whisky until he passed away in 1857.

His son Alexander continued his father’s legacy and introduced the square bottle to reduce breakages. Later, Alexander passed the brand to his sons Alexander II and George. They renamed to whisky to the popular Johnnie Walker Red Label and Johnnie Walker Black Label.

Johnnie Walker has become one of the biggest whisky brands in the world, starting from a small business settled at a local grocery store. The brand is the international symbol of progress, 200 years later Johny Walker is still “walking” and he’s not showing any signs of stopping.

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Hi, I'm Huyen

Our work (and this site) is devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will help you automate, grow and scale your practice.


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